Digital Accountant

20 Years ago an accountant worked on all his work from the ledger, which is manually written by the accounting staff or administrator and later will be posted to the trial balance by the accountant. Currently the accountant didn’t write every single transaction manually to the ledger, they use technology to help them captured the data easier, fast and secure. a software such as Microsoft Excel commonly used by many of the Organizations or Companies to help them stored the data before the data will be processed to be an information for the readers. Today there are a lot of computerize accounting software that enable the users to capture the transactions, recorded, stored, and posted to financial reports automatically. As an accountant, we should see this technology as a tools to help us do our daily work and focus on the analytical work. Thus, in order to embrace the new technology, an accountant need to update their knowledge and upgrade their skills as quick as the new technology grows within the industry.